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The Franklin Templeton Global Growth and Income Portfolio is a diversified equity portfolio which uses a combination of Franklin Templeton Exchange Traded Funds in order to meet its objectives of balancing growth, income, and portfolio risk. The portfolio seeks to provide a balanced exposure across growth, value, infrastructure, international and emerging market equities and fixed income securities. The result is a diversified portfolio that seeks income that is higher than its benchmark, while pursuing growth at a reasonable risk level.

Portfolio risk score
Strategy ETFs / Funds
Management fee 0.10%
Min investment $100


Last 30 days -7.2%
Last 90 days -4.1%
Last 365 days -14.9%
Since inception (annualized) 3.9%
2022 (YTD) -18.7%
2021 12.9%
2020 7.8%

Risk metrics (last 365 days)

Volatility 12.3%
Sharpe ratio -1.48
Sortino ratio -2.03
Maximum drawdown -19.8%
Value-at-risk (95%, 1 week) -2.9%

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The portfolio invests solely in Franklin Templeton ETFs managed by Franklin Templeton affiliates. The portfolio’s strategic asset allocation is updated on an annual basis. The portfolio will be rebalanced monthly.

The portfolio:
• Provides a diversified allocation to active Franklin Templeton strategies with the ability to select securities with both high income levels and quality fundamentals.

• Provides dedicated exposure to “ESG” focused ETFs actively investing in companies that apply environmental, social and governance principles while promoting the investment objective of the underlying strategy (i.e., seeking growth and income).

• Only selects investment strategies managed by firms who are current signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). Signatories of the UN PRI are among a broad list of organizations around the world that have publicly demonstrated their commitment to responsible investment.

• Utilizes a quantitative proprietary process, seeking an optimal allocation from an underlying exposure perspective in order to increase likelihood that the strategy meets its objectives (income and capital appreciation).

Franklin Templeton

About Franklin Templeton

Guided by a mission of Investing to Improve Lives™, Franklin Templeton helps investors globally achieve better financial outcomes by expanding choice across investment strategies, vehicles and investor access through independent investment managers with diverse expertise in equity, fixed income, alternative and liquidity investments. In 2020, Legg Mason, Inc., the parent company of Legg Mason Private Portfolio Group, LLC and its affiliated sub-adviser, QS Investors, LLC, was purchased by Franklin Resources, Inc.

Legg Mason’s assets under management are $747 billion as of Jan. 31, 2019.

To learn more, visit our website, our newsroom, or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments, including those in this portfolio, involve the risk of loss, including loss of principal and a reduction in earnings.

This portfolio was launched on Interactive Advisors on January 14, 2019 and was opened to client investments on January 11, 2019. Interactive Advisors constructs and manages this portfolio on a discretionary basis using a model ETF portfolio provided under a licensing agreement by Legg Mason Private Portfolio Group, LLC and its affiliated sub-adviser, QS Investors, LLC (collectively, “Legg Mason”). All performance information on this page is actual performance of the Interactive Advisors proprietary account and presented “net of fees”. The actual performance chart is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used as the basis for making an investment decision. Actual client returns will differ.

This portfolio is not in any way recommended to Interactive Advisors clients by Legg Mason. Neither Legg Mason nor any of its advisory affiliates provide any investment advice or recommendation in relation to this portfolio and are not acting as an investment adviser or fiduciary to Interactive Advisors clients. Legg Mason has built the model portfolios without regard to the individual financial circumstances and objectives of any investor or Interactive Advisors client.

This portfolio is made up of whole and/or fractional holdings of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The portfolio itself is not an ETF or Mutual Fund. Clients choosing to invest in this portfolio directly own the ETF shares making up the portfolio. In addition to Interactive Advisors’ management fees, clients will also be charged management fees and other expenses (custodian fees, brokerage commissions, and legal and accounting fees) by the ETF issuers.

Additional information on the risks, conflicts of interest, applicable brokerage commissions, fractional shares, and limitations on investments and divestments associated with this portfolio can be found here and on the Forms and Agreements page.

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