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Important information
  1. Estimated savings are based on management fee and estimated (not realized) commissions for various investments levels in an Asset Allocation portfolio as compared to the costs for similar portfolios at a select group of competing online advisors, and are based on estimated (not actual) turnover and average share price. Data underlying the calculations is as of July 18, 2019. The competing online advisors selected for this comparison are a subset of online advisors with significant amounts of assets under management. There may be other online advisors, which do not charge any fees or charge lower fees, but are not included in the comparison. The minimum required investment in an Asset Allocation portfolio is $100. Competitors may impose no, lower, higher or similar minimums. You may obtain cost estimates for different investment levels by using our cost calculator at: The Asset Allocation portfolios invest exclusively in ETFs - therefore, apart from the advisory fees you pay to Interactive Advisors and the commissions you pay to our affiliated broker-dealer for transactions, you will be separately charged certain embedded fees and expenses by the issuers of the ETFs, which are not included in this calculation. If you have questions about the actual or realized costs associated with Asset Allocation portfolio investments or the embedded fees and expenses for specific ETFs included in the Asset Allocation portfolios, please email or call us directly. Actual fees charged for investments in Interactive Advisors Asset Allocation Portfolios may be higher or lower than the estimated amounts. Additional supporting documentation for any claims on this page will be provided upon request.
  2. Costs and potential savings for investments in other portfolios offered by Interactive Advisors will vary based on amount invested and selected portfolio are not in any way reflected on this page.
  3. For information on the risks associated with investments with Interactive Advisors, you may review our Informational Brochure available here: You may review risk disclosures for many of our portfolios, including the Asset Allocation portfolios here: