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Benefits of our approach to Asset Allocation
Assets are combined to work better under all economic conditions.
Better allocation
A wider and more granular range of asset classes for better diversification
Rebalanced for you
Auto rebalancing every quarter to stay on track
Ability to see positions and trades online at any time
Asset Allocation portfolios

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Initial costs
Annual costs
Notes on costs

All costs shown are estimated.

Estimates given are based on an estimated turnover and average share price. Actual turnover and share prices might vary leading to higher or lower initial and annual costs.

Annual costs are the costs to manage the investment plus the estimated trading commission to re-balance the portfolio, estimated on an annual basis.

Initial costs are the estimated trading commissions incurred in establishing the portfolio.

How we select an Asset Allocation portfolio
We create a low-cost, diversified portfolio customized for your needs and risk tolerance. Our portfolios allocate capital to an equity component, a bond component and an inflation-hedging component. Together these deliver good diversification, which in turn leads to risk reduction and return stability.
Diversified portfolios
Portfolios from leading institutions
Using data from providers like FTSE Russell, WisdomTree, State Street Global Advisors and our own investment team we have created a family of diversified portfolios, available at low cost and managed by us. Our technology is always working for you, continuously monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio.
Active portfolios
Co-invest with a portfolio manager
We provide low-cost access to a curated selection of talented investment managers who have a mandate to pursue enhanced returns. Active management is an approach to investing which maintains that portfolio managers can produce greater returns for a given strategy, than can be achieved by passively holding a given index. You’re always free to switch your portfolios, whenever you want, without fees or penalties.