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Interactive Advisors brings you the future of investing right with automated investing and the freedom to choose. Dive deeper into our portfolios and technology using the resources below:
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Asset Allocation

We create a portfolio for you that is dialed up or down for risk and offers good diversification across different asset classes.

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Tax-loss harvesting

This is an additional feature we offer investors in Asset Allocation. It offers the potential of increasing your after-tax return.

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Smart Beta

Interactive Advisors offers a range of Smart Beta portfolios managed by our Chief Investment Officer and Investment Management team.

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Goal tracker

The goal tracker projects the hypothetical performance of your asset allocation portfolio and monitors how likely you are to achieve your goal.

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Risk profile

Risk scores help ensure that you invest only in portfolios that are suitable for your investment objectives, tolerance and financial capacity.

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Performance metrics

Quantitatively analyze the past performance of each of the variety of strategies and investment methodologies with ease.

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