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Easily upgrade at anytime to an Interactive Brokers LLC (IBKR) Universal Account®, should you want to trade on your own. Eligible clients may trade stocks, options, futures, bonds, and ETFs. IBKR is an affiliate of Interactive Advisors.
IBKR’s transparent as well as low commissions and financing rates, and best price executions seek to minimize your costs to help you get higher returns.1
Why invest online with IBKR?
Integrated investment management
Open an IBKR Universal Account and earn, borrow, spend and invest worldwide from a single account without the hassle of having to transfer funds between accounts.
Lower costs2
IBKR offers low commissions on stocks, options, futures, and fixed income worldwide as well as low rates of margin interest.
Global access
IBKR offers access to stocks, options, futures, fixed income, mutual funds, and ETFs from a single Universal Account.
Trading technology
For 40 years, the Interactive Brokers Group3 has been building online trading technology that provides competitive pricing, a broad range of global products and advanced trading tools to clients.
Self directed trading

Disclosure: Interactive Brokers LLC is an affiliate of Interactive Advisors. The information on this page was provided by Interactive Brokers LLC. Nothing on this page should be construed as a recommendation by Interactive Advisors to upgrade to a full Interactive Brokers LLC brokerage account, to trade in any particular way or to trade on margin.

1. Lower investment costs will increase your overall return on investment, but lower costs do not guarantee that your investment will be profitable.

2. Lowest cost of any broker for both occasional and frequent traders according to Barron’s Best Online Brokers review, March 26, 2018.

3. Interactive Brokers Group and predecessor companies.

Asset Allocation portfolios
Let us build a Portfolio for you
Answer nine quick questions and we will create a low-cost, diversified portfolio customized for your needs and risk tolerance. Choose to invest lump sum or in small amounts periodically. Speak with our advisors whenever you like. Our technology is always working for you, continuously monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio.
Diversified portfolios
Portfolios from leading institutions
Using data from providers like FTSE Russell, WisdomTree, State Street Global Advisors and our own investment team we have created and manage a family of diversified portfolios, available at low cost. Our technology is always working for you, continuously monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio.
Active portfolios
Co-invest with a portfolio manager
We provide low-cost access to a curated selection of talented investment managers who have a mandate to pursue enhanced returns. Active management is an approach to investing which maintains that portfolio managers can produce greater returns for a given strategy than can be achieved through passively holding a given index. You’re always free to switch your portfolios, whenever you want, without fees or penalties.