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Business Insider | SEPTEMBER 02, 2022
Interactive Advisors continues to be one of the best robo-advisors, given its vast range of portfolio options, including socially responsible, smart beta, and asset allocation portfolios.
Good Money Guide | MAY 10, 2022
By combining smart beta and sector-focused portfolios, and using the Interactive Advisors tools and technology, clients can build a pretty sophisticated investment strategy.
Investor Junkie | MAY 02, 2022
What makes Interactive Advisors unique is its range of pre-built portfolios you can invest in. The variety of investing themes, that include numerous SRI and ESG investing options, is what makes this robo-advisor really stand out.
Bankrate | MARCH, 2022
Interactive Advisors offers one of the strongest portfolio selections among robo-advisors. Its wide range of low-cost funds can fit any major portfolio style and includes a sizable selection of socially responsible funds, most of which have a small investment minimum.
Benzinga | MARCH 02, 2022
In recognition of those disruptive innovators creating positive and diverse change within the financial services space, Benzinga presents Interactive Advisors Inc. with the Best Robo-Advisor award nomination.
Investopedia | FEBRUARY 28, 2022
Interactive Advisors is an excellent platform for investors seeking a vast array of portfolio offerings as it has more than 50 portfolio options including smart beta, value, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), market-matching, and scores of externally managed strategy opportunities aiming to outperform market returns. IA’s intuitive screeners enable targeted portfolio screening, supporting you in finding the right fit among the many options.
Programming Insider | JANUARY 28, 2022
Interactive Advisors gets named as one of the most sought-after robo-advisor programs available on the market. It stands out from its competitors due to a huge range of portfolio offerings and special services.
Business Wire | NOVEMBER 03, 2021
Interactive Brokers Group, an affiliate of Interactive Advisors, unveiled the IMPACT mobile trading app designed to help investors align their portfolios with their values.
Business Insider | JULY 23, 2021
An objective review that rates Interactive Advisors as best for automated portfolio-oriented investors who want access to a wide range of portfolio choices.
Investopedia | JUNE 17, 2021
Interactive Advisors offers among the widest range of securities to choose from, in addition to placing a special emphasis on socially responsible investing products. That's why it has been ranked as best for both portfolio construction and sustainable investing in a review of top robo-advisors by Investopedia.
Business Insider | MARCH 27, 2021
Interactive Brokers' automated advisor, Interactive Advisors, could be a good fit for those looking for more guidance.
Backend Benchmarking | FEBRUARY 11, 2021
Interactive Advisors' Legg Mason portfolio picks up the performance award by winning the second place in 1-year fixed income performance among 60+ taxable robo advisors in the category.
US NEWS & WORLD REPORT | October 16, 2020
The new wave of robo advisors allows access for new investors to take control of their finances and make their own money decisions. Sanjoy Ghosh, chief investment officer at Interactive Advisors discusses how robo advisors appeal to the young investor.
INVESTOPEDIA | October 05, 2020
Investopedia evaluated more than 20 robo-advisor platforms using its robust methodology, to find the best robo-advisors for investors at different levels. Interactive advisors was commended for offering the widest range of securities to choose from, in addition to placing a special emphasis on socially responsible investing products. With this award, Interactive Advisors wins in the Sustainable Investing category twice in a row.
MONEYGEEK | September 18, 2020
The article offers into an insight into green investing and discusses the variety of tools and resources available to help develop a green approach to finances. The SRI portfolios from Interactive Advisors make it easy to follow this path. | August 3, 2020
This article discusses what makes robo-advisors stand out and compiles a list of some of the most trusted robo-advisors you can choose from. Interactive Advisors gets featured in the compilation.
FinTechGlobal | April 28, 2020
Interactive Advisors gets listed among the 2020 "WealthTech 100" as one of world's Most Innovative WealthTech Companies. The WEALTHTECH100 is an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative WealthTech companies selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts. These are the companies every leader in wealth and asset management, private banking and financial advisory needs to know about as they consider and develop their digital transformation strategies and new customer propositions.
Investopedia | September 19, 2019
Investopedia reviewed more than 30 Robo-advisors and ranked Interactive Advisors among the "Best of Robo-Advisors". Interactive Advisors also won praise for its socially responsible investment options and the services and tools it provides for sophisticated investors.
PR Newswire | July 12, 2019
Global X ETFs launched two proprietary ETF model portfolios on the Interactive Advisors platform, a China Sector ETF portfolio and an Equity Thematic Disruptors portfolio.
Investor's Business Daily | January 28, 2019
In the Investor's Business Daily 7th annual ranking of online brokers, Interactive Brokers was ranked #3 overall. The company, which is Interactive Advisors affiliated broker dealer, also ranked #1 in 4 categories, including low commissions and fees and breadth of product.
US News & World Report | October 17, 2018
Interactive Advisors offers a "smorgasbord" of active and passive investment options with fees ranging from 0.08 to 1.5 percent.
AdvisorNews | July 2018
The model portfolio market is growing quickly and there are benefits for both investors and advisors, notes Joe Sullivan, director of manager relations for Interactive Advisors. Investors get access to tactical shifts from some of the best institutional investment committees and advisors can access portfolios for their clients at low cost.
Seeking Alpha | March 25, 2018
During high volatility periods, some sectors can significantly under-perform the overall market, says Joe Sullivan, a Director at Interactive Advisors. In such situations, using investment strategies that provide opportunity for broad-based and diversified sector exposure can be beneficial long term.
Barron's | March 24, 2018
Interactive Brokers, the affiliated broker-dealer of Interactive Advisors, won first place in Barron's 23rd annual ranking of The Best Online Brokers. The article notes that the company offers a robo-advisory service - Interactive Advisors - for less active traders. The unit offers a range of portfolios including 13 index tracking portfolios.
Barron's | March 24, 2018
Interactive Brokers, the affiliated broker-dealer of Interactive Advisors, won first place in Barron's 23rd annual ranking of The Best Online Brokers. The article notes that the company offers a robo-advisory service - Interactive Advisors - for less active traders. The unit offers a range of portfolios including 13 index tracking portfolios.
TheStreet | September 25, 2017
Interactive Advisors discusses key things to consider prior to selecting a financial advisor.
Brobible | September 5, 2017
With robo-advisors, you can also invest online, anytime, explains Kalen Holliday. Holliday is a director at the robo-advisor firm Interactive Advisors . "If you have young kids to tend to during the day or work in an office surrounded by coworkers who you don’t want knowing you’re taking time off during the day to invest, investing online is better than having to call your broker between 9 AM and 5 PM. You can go online anytime and see how your investments are performing."
Finance Feeds | July 11, 2017
Online investing expert Covestor, a part of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR) plans to change its name to Interactive Advisors.
YouTube | June 08, 2017
Watch this webinar to find out more about Smart Beta and what's behind the soaring popularity of Smart Beta investment products.
YouTube | April 25, 2017
Explore the benefits of Interactive Advisors Smart Beta Quality Portfolio. | March 29, 2017
Interactive Advisors, Interactive Brokers’ robo advisor, recently made its new Smart Beta Portfolios available to the custodian’s advisors. The portfolios are managed in-house by Interactive Advisors investment management team led by Chief Investment Officer Sanjoy Ghosh. They cost eight basis points.
YouTube | March 23, 2017
Interactive Advisors Smart Beta portfolios find the sweet spot between passive exchange traded funds and actively managed funds and provide advantages over both.
Barron's | March 18, 2017
Interactive Advisors broker-dealer affiliate Interactive Brokers ranked among top three brokers. IB wins praise for low cost trades. Article mentions Interactive Advisors new Smart Beta portfolios, which have low investment minimums of $100 and low fees of 0.08%.
Financial Advisor | March 10, 2017
Profile story discusses how Interactive Brokers has expanded products and services for registered investment advisors. Advisors using Interactive Brokers now have a robo platform, Interactive Advisors, which was acquired in 2015 and offers actively managed portfolios at low fees.
Business Wire | February 23, 2017
Interactive Advisors introduces unique products that combine the advantages of actively managed mutual funds and the low costs of exchange traded funds. The portfolios have low fees and low minimums and provide broad market exposure.
Fox Business | January 23, 2017
Investors are enchanted by Smart Beta strategies. Smart Beta assets under management have more than doubled since 2012, and now top $500 million, according to Morningstar.
Fox Business | January 05, 2017
Portfolio diversification is one of the most basic maxims in investing.