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The Asset Allocation portfolio is a diversified portfolio created just for you. We allocate between a basket of global equities, government and corporate bonds and an inflation-hedging component. Together these deliver good diversification, which leads to risk reduction and return stability. Additionally you can customise the default allocations and add tilts to make it your own.

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Strategy Asset Allocation
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Research is undertaken to ensure that the diversified mix of asset classes for this portfolio is appropriate for the targeted investor profile and level of risk. We look for diversification not only across asset classes (e.g., equities versus bonds) but also within a single asset class (e.g., corporate bonds versus treasuries). Portfolio optimization techniques, weight and risk constraints are then considered to derive target allocations.


Specific Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are screened and chosen to best represent the target asset class, while also having relatively low management fees and more liquidity. For taxable accounts, we select tax-advantaged assets like municipal bonds. Each quarter, this portfolio is rebalanced to target allocations.The capital allocation to each of these asset classes is determined by your risk score..

Sell discipline

Every quarter this portfolio is rebalanced to target weights.


About IA

Interactive Advisors is a pioneer in online investing.

Interactive Advisors offers a variety of portfolios, including the Asset Allocation portfolios, which are managed by Interactive Advisors's Chief Investment Officer and Investment Management team.

Diversification is about buying a basket of securities that tend to do well (or poorly) at different times and under different economic conditions. Being thoughtful about how much capital to allocate to each of these securities can result in far more consistent returns than concentrating all capital (and risk) in a single security or asset class. Interactive Advisors offers several diversified portfolios that are dialed up or down for risk, offer good diversification across different asset classes, and attain this diversification by investing in low-cost, liquid ETFs.


Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments, including those in this portfolio, involve the risk of loss, including loss of principal and a reduction in earnings.

This portfolio was launched on Interactive Advisors on May 09, 2022. On that date, Interactive Advisors started trading its own funds in a brokerage account trading this strategy. This portfolio was opened to client investments on May 09, 2022. All performance information on this page is actual performance of the Interactive Advisors proprietary account and presented “net of fees”. The actual performance chart is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used as the basis for making an investment decision. Actual client returns will differ.

The ESG variants of the Smart Beta and Asset Allocation Portfolios and the Socially Responsible Investing portfolios use an Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) investment strategy. Such a strategy could limit the types and number of investment opportunities available to this portfolio, lead the portfolio to underperform a portfolio without an ESG focus or with a distinct ESG focus, and result in the portfolio investing in securities or industry sectors that underperform the market as a whole or foregoing opportunities to invest in securities that might otherwise be advantageous to invest in. Interactive Advisors could also be unsuccessful in creating a portfolio investing in stocks of companies or ETFs made up of companies that exhibit positive or favorable ESG characteristics and the ETF manager (or the provider of the index the ETF seeks to track) may not succeed in selecting issuers that exhibit positive or favorable ESG characteristics in constructing the ETFs.

Additional information on the risks, conflicts of interest, applicable brokerage commissions, fractional shares, and limitations on investments and divestments associated with this portfolio can be found here and on the Forms and Agreements page.

When you subscribe to a Client-Customized Asset Allocation Portfolio, you may adjust an allocation to a particular sub-asset class/individual ETF or apply an “industry tilt”, subject to your risk score. As a result, the performance of your customized Asset Allocation Portfolio will differ from the performance of our standard portfolio displayed on this page. You may view the performance of your customized Asset Allocation Portfolio by logging into your client dashboard. We will rebalance your custom Asset Allocation Portfolio quarterly and at any other time you change your allocation instructions or add or withdraw assets from your account. For quarterly rebalancings, we will aggregate buy and sell orders in specific ETFs before sending orders to market. Additional information on our Client-Customized Asset Allocation Portfolios can be found here.

This portfolio is made up of whole and/or fractional holdings of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The portfolio itself is not an ETF or Mutual Fund. Clients choosing to invest in this portfolio directly own the ETF shares making up the portfolio. In addition to Interactive Advisors' management fees, clients will also be charged management fees and other expenses (custodian fees, brokerage commissions, and legal and accounting fees) by the ETF issuers.

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