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Financial servicesLarge and mid cap stocks

The Russell 1000 Financial Services Managed Portfolio invests in stocks of companies that provide financial services.

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Last 30 days 3.9%
Last 90 days 6.2%
Last 365 days 30.2%
Last 5 years 81.7%
Since inception (Dec 13, 2017) 103.3%
Since inception (annualized) 11.4%
2024 (YTD) 14.7%
2023 14.6%
2022 -11.2%
2021 35.1%
2020 6.5%
2019 32.8%
2018 -8.4%
The standard deviation of portfolio returns; a measure of risk.
Sharpe ratio
A measure of risk-adjusted portfolio return.
Sortino ratio
A measure of portfolio return adjusted for down-side volatility.
Maximum drawdown
Maximum value lost from peak to trough over the last year.
Value-at-risk (95%, 1 week)
Estimates the potential loss of a portfolio with a specified confidence level and time horizon.
Investment (below min)
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Portfolio information

Allocation discipline

The portfolio targets long U.S Financial Services equities within the Russell 1000® Index and rebalances quarterly.

Sell discipline

Sell decisions are based exclusively upon the quarterly rebalance and reconstitution of the Russell 1000® Financial Services Index as provided by the Frank Russell Company pursuant to a licensing agreement.

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FTSE Russell

FTSE Russell

The Interactive Advisors FTSE Russell Index Tracking Portfolios are designed to follow certain predefined rules so that the portfolio can track a specified basket of underlying investments, which corresponds to the reference index. These portfolios aim to track the performance of the underlying basket (index), and typically represent a form of passive investing.

Interactive Advisors constructs and manages these portfolios based on data provided pursuant to licensing agreements with FTSE International Limited ("FTSE") and the Frank Russell Company ("Russell").

The goal of these portfolios is to allow investors to track the performance of certain specified portions of the US Stock market as represented by the reference index.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments, including those in this portfolio, involve the risk of loss, including loss of principal and a reduction in earnings.

This portfolio was launched on Interactive Advisors on December 13, 2017 and opened to client investments on January 16, 2018. Interactive Advisors constructs and manages this portfolio based on data obtained pursuant to a licensing agreement with the Frank Russell Company or FTSE International Limited (“FTSE”) and remits a portion of the management fees charged to clients for investments in this portfolio to Russell or FTSE. All performance information on this page is actual performance of the Interactive Advisors proprietary account and presented “net of fees”. The actual performance chart is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used as the basis for making an investment decision. Actual client returns will differ.

Clients’ investments in this portfolio are made up of whole and fractional holdings of stocks and/or other securities. By investing in this portfolio, clients are not investing in ETFs, mutual funds or the underlying index. Investing clients own the individual whole and fractional shares of the stocks or securities composing the portfolio based on the reference index.

This portfolio has been developed solely by Interactive Advisors. This portfolio is not in any way sponsored, endorsed, sold, promoted or recommended by FTSE International Limited (“FTSE”), the Frank Russell Company (“Russell”) or the London Stock Exchange Group companies.

Additional information on the risks, conflicts of interest, applicable brokerage commissions, fractional shares, and limitations on investments and divestments associated with this portfolio can be found here and on the Forms and Agreements page.