Why am I seeing so many trades in my Smart Beta investment subscription?

The Smart Beta Portfolios invest in a large number of stocks and there will be trades in many of these stocks whenever Interactive Advisors rebalances the portfolios or you add to or redeem from your investments in any of these portfolios. You will need to report some (or all) of these trades on your tax forms.

Why am I seeing fractional shares in my trade report?

Interactive Advisors is able to offer the Asset Allocation Portfolios, Smart Beta Portfolios and the other diversified portfolios and the extensive diversification they are designed to achieve for even relatively small investments by offering Interactive Advisors clients the ability to trade fractional shares.

Does Interactive Advisors provide tax advice?

Interactive Advisors cannot provide tax advice or prepare tax documents for you. Please consult an accountant or tax attorney to determine the tax-related obligations associated with investing in these portfolios. Please note that Interactive Brokers LLC provides certain tools to assist you with your tax filings, but these tools may only be able to support a limited number of trades.

How do I find my Interactive Advisors Tax reports?

Log in to IBKR Account Management Click Reports, Tax, Tax Forms.

Does Interactive Brokers LLC support TurboTax?

Yes. Note that TurboTax offers both an online offering and a desktop version (see link). Interactive Brokers LLC has an article here about how to import consolidated tax information into TurboTax.

Does Interactive Brokers LLC mail paper statements?

Yes, Interactive Brokers LLC mails quarterly activity statements to the address of record you specify for your brokerage account. Do remember to periodically confirm in IB Account Management or in your Account Management window on the Interactive Advisors dashboard that your address of record with Interactive Brokers LLC is accurate and updated. Please also compare the account updates you receive from Interactive Advisors with the account statements sent by Interactive Brokers LLC and promptly inform us of any discrepancies you detect between them.